Epistle 9

Epistle 9

glenda – thanks for the report here.

yes, i wish that jo would be more supportive of our effort here.  i
think that just sometimes we can’t expect another person to feel good
about our work.  i know you’re really putting your best effort into
this work – and what i can see if that you’re always improving
yourself every day.

you’re improving yourself by making more personal connections with
applicants and with officials at the schools.  you’re improving
yourself by becomming more skilled in your techniques for recruiting.
you’re also becomming more skillful with how you conduct worker

there’s no question in my mind that we’re going to find some really
excellent applicants from roxas city.  hopefully really soon we can
open up a new branch office from there too.

… but we just have to have patience.  progress in life is something
that just happens slowly.  eventually we’re going to have some great
accomplishments together.  just keep focused on yourself improvements,
and also on supporting your family.  we can’t control how other people
think or act – and it will only just get us frustrated to try to fight
that basic part of nature.



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