“Love Thing”

“Love Thing”

            Today another page will be filled. Another new story will be told and another new idea will be opened-up.             God is really good for He’s giving us this daily life and continuation of our thoughts. The gift of thinking and understanding the conveyed meaning of something that is being shown by someone else is a one mystery. The gift of sense is one good thing God had given us. Through this we will be able to determine if someone is angry, sad, frustrated, happy or in love. Through the power of our senses we will be able to determine whether it is right to do something or is it wrong to speak to someone in a manner that we would want to.             Love issue are one thing I’m always avoiding in my life. For my entire life’s sake never did I dreamt of having a love life. I mean this love that people are craving for. The infatuation thing. Just fling, fling and nothing more. Whew! Are they not thinking of themselves or why don’t they just take their time working for their future rather than thinking of that stupid thing. What I’m trying to say is that, nowadays it’s really rare to find genuine love. Most of the relationships that I have known always ended up like a trash. They were jus playing games. It’s like there is this prey and predator. Ewww!!!and Yakkk!!! these people are really crazy. They’re thinking that they can bring all people into their tricks. Eww!!! sorry but I’m your number one enemy.              My friends use to call me “man hater”. Well, they can’t blame me for that I’m seeing all f the evidences and those are enough for me to have this hatred on them. I’m not trying to go in general but hose who are good are being outnumbered by those who are crazy and insane people who are thinking of this thing as a game.             I’m writing this because, I’m having problem on explaining to my sister that she needs to think of her future first. I’m not against her love life but I was just reminding her about infatuation. I’m just reminding her that her career is more important than those things. Well, honestly she has lots of suitors than me. She had been into relationship during her high school years which until now I haven’t yet experienced. Yes, my sister is a one beautiful lady, an A student, and also has this characters that would really magnet guys to fall for her. But my concern is just her future I don’ want her to become a victim of  this crazy world. After my duty I’m going to see one of the guys courting her. Well, just to explain and ask him if how many times did he thought and ask himself if he’s really courting my sister and his reasons behind. Grrrr….I’m really angry…I know I don’t have the right to be I’m not the one holding their hearts but gosh! my sister  is only seventeen years old. And the guy courting her is I think already 27… Age doesn’t matter? that’s no good reason for me…Both of us needs to talk to each other. I would really suppress him. Hmmmm….            Am I a bad sister? I don’t think so. I know I’m busy with my job but the situation really requires my presence and explanation. Eventhough I haven’t been involved into a relationship but I really understand the full and true meaning of love and infatuation. I’m not even a perfectionist but there are mistakes that other person did and is needed to be corrected.            Regarding my job. I’m still continuously trying my best very best just to make improvements. I know God is there for me and “When the dawn fades away expect that there’ll be sunlight along your way.”            That’s all folks!             Glenda


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