“Love thing” continuation

“Love thing” continuation

            Regarding yesterday.  Yes I really did make it to talk to that suitor of my sister and I really told him a lot of things. He was even shocked to see me and even told my sister that I’m a nagger. Well I’m not. I was just letting him know that what he was doing was unfair. I told him honestly that I’m a man hater. And take note he was older than I am. I asked him “ How old are you?, What made you decided to court my sister? What is the highest educational attainment you have attained? Are you aware of infatuation? Can you explain to me if what infatuation is? Before you decided to court my sister have you ever asked your self of the possibilities and impossibilities that might arise in your relationship if ever? Are you aware that my sister is only seventeen years old? Have you considered the fact that maybe she was just infatuated or you are just infatuated? etc.”

I even told him that: “ Did you know that I’m a man-hater and as her sister I have this right to know the person behind my sisters love life? I am also a person who is hard to please when it comes to that matters. well, you can’t convince me within only a period of months. Did you know that love takes time? I’ve never been into this situation but I understand everything. I’m not a perfectionist but I’m just concern about my sister’s career and future. Have you ever think that you might become one of the reasons  that her studies will be affected? I’m sorry but I’m just being true to myself. I just want to let you know on how I feel. Maybe you can include these things into your New Year’s resolution for 2007. Why don’t you try to look for someone who is at your level. I’m 21 years old anyway and I know you’re feeling awkward that I’m giving you this advices and telling you this things. Well, I’m not trying to stop you or discourage you about what you’re feeling. I know I can’t stop your heart from beating but I’m just asking for a little respect. Just don’t force my sister. Just respect her decisions and once again try to think even seven hundred times about infatuation. Well I know at your age you already had that higher level of understanding. I don’t care if you’ll get angry at me but I’m just concern about  my sister I hope you understand. Thanks for the time. Byebye…Nice to meet you.

            Yes, and at last I was able to breath again after that talk. As if I had given an advice to a younger brother…hehehe…At last now he knows that she’s courting someone who has this nagger sister.

            Hope he’ll realize that love is not infatuation but love really…



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