A Tribute for “Chubby”

A Tribute for “Chubby”

            My dog “Chubby” was following me when I wake up this morning. She was teasing me with her sharp teeth. She was a very sweet dog. Every time  I’m home or I’m arriving from work, she would always run to me and wagged her tail and play with me. She was really nice and I love her. In our house I was the only person she would always play with. When I sleep on my bed she would crawl and lick me with her tongue. And scratch me with her paws so carefully as is she was also thinking not to hurt me. Though sometimes I get so irritated for her routine of always scratching, biting and teasing me but I can’t help to stop my self from laughing. Instead of getting angry at her I would just tap her and hold his arms and we would dance, dance, and dance. She was a chocolate colored dog, looks like a caramel coated chocolate with pink nose and grey sweet eyes. When she was still a puppy I would always carry her and hug her like a baby. We were really close with each other and I really can feel the dog’s love and care for me too!

            This morning when I get up to bed, chubby came rushing to me and played with me, scratching me, and teasing me to play with her. I’m in a hurry and so I was not minding her. She continued doing her thing until maybe she really wanted me to play with her too, she bit me on my legs. Just a small and gentle bite. I pretended that I was hurt and slap her with my slippers just softly. I told her to go back home for I need to go to the well to take my bath. She followed. When I was at the middle of my bathing I just noticed someone licking me at my back and scratching my skirt. When I turned back it was chubby who is happily chasing me again. Actually chubby did not go at my  aunts house because some of the dogs are trying to bully her. It was just this morning.   I shouted at her to be back home again. I saw her cross the road and disappeared. After bathing I trudge my way back home. While I was walking, I suddenly heard a strong screeched and bump sound at my back. When I turned back, I just saw my dog lying at the road and was already dying. She was bumped by a truck. I don’t know just what to do and I just noticed the tears rolling down on my face. I run back took her away from the road and brought her home. But she was already dead. The tricycle driver who witness the event told me that he really saw the truck with the reckless driver who never even gave signals. Chubby’s body was not just bumped but was run by the trucks’ wheels. I was in tears while staring at chubby whose eyes are still open and as if it was looking at me, with the looks she would always throw at me when she wanted me to play with her. I then suddenly felt that my legs where she bit me was having little pain. But above it is the pain that my heartis feeling for losing my once lovely and sweet dog. I have seen no stains of blood in her body nor wounds. She died of internal hemorrhage. My hands were trembling while I was trying to hold her eyes and letting it get close.She was one wonderful pet. Now no one will tease me anymore, no one w ill run to me when I’m back home from work and no one will bit me again. Chubby died. and I really was sad about it. I texted my friends I’m mourning because of my dog’s death.

            Chubby will always remain in my heart. She is one great pet and dog. I together with my brother and sister buried her body. I was the one who cried the most. Even our neighbors sympathized for my pet’s death.

            She made me realized that they are really “man’s bestfriend”.

            Chubby this article is for you….




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