For God

For God

            It’s really amazing that everyday you are faced with different challenges which you need to conquer and you’ll find out in the end that you were able to surpass it. It’s great how God gives each and everyone of us our daily exercises. Though sometimes we were really tired and even blaming Him for it but we still realize that He was the sole reason of our failures and success. During our hard times He was only reminding us that He’s there for us and that He was really excited to hear our prayers for it’s the only way we can tell Him and let Him feel we still know Him. On the other hand when we succeed He was also the big reason behind it, for because of our prayer His heart was touched and that’s why God gave us the strength to conquer it. It’s only that He needs our faith. And of course our faith is one significant factor that keeps us from continuously moving on even though we’d fallen for so many times. I know that God is the reason why I’m here today and why I’m reaching this far. That is why I would like to dedicate this article for Him. I know that this is not enough. I know that I need to do more things and have more faith to prove to Him that I’m really thankful for all of the wonderful blessing He had showered over me, for all of the temptations and baits that He made to really made me more stronger and braver. I really thank Him for everything. How lucky I am for knowing Him and for having Him inside my weak heart. Thank you Lord for all of your gifts and for your continuous protection, guidance and support. I’m hoping that even just with this article at least I may be able to reach you out. I know you’re also sneaking inside my heart while I’m writing this. You are my greatest and most precious Christmas gift.




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