Christmas’ Essence

Christmas’ Essence

Christmas Time!


            Why Christmas is considered as a special day! Why do we celebrate it? How much is its worth and what is its real meaning. A lot of people are celebrating it but doesn’t even know its real worth and meaning.

            Christmas is celebrated to commemorate the birth of the one and only Savior, the Messiah, Jesus Christ. It’s not celebrated because of the gifts, foods and etc. We need to put in our hearts and minds that Christmas is not just an ordinary day. We really need to be thankful because we are given the chance to be saved from our sins and from the fire of death. God is really and is always good at us.

            The essence of Christmas is always misinterpreted by people. A lot of them thought that when Christmas came they really need to prepare more foods and gifts. they don’t know that the greatest gift they could ever give is their love and faith to God. For Jesus doesn’t look at the material presents or gifts or at the outside but rather He is seeking the faith that is inside each and everyone of us. As long as you do have the faith and the heart that knows how to love and care. You’re a truly blessed one for you’re one of a kind. You love Jesus and His masterpieces.

            I love Jesus that’s why I celebrate Christmas!



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