Struggle for life!!!

Struggle for life!!!

            In our daily life and struggles it is sometimes hard to imagine how we were able to overcome on problem and skip to the next.

            Just like mathematics. Logic is really needed to look and fine a better solution. Everyday we are facing different problems, loses and disappointments but behind it is our goal of finding the right way and right solution to get out of the trap.

            A lot of friends are asking me if what Christmas present did I asked. Well, the only thing I Asked for God is that good health for my family, a career for me and continuous shower of blessing to those people who are behind my every success.

            I was even amazed and touched by how God creates love in the hearts of those people whon He is using to be an instrument of my hope and success. I was amazed by how He made a very wonderful puzzle in my life that once solved I really saw and experience the real and true beauty of Hid love and care for me.

            Last Dec. 23. I was in the middle of my sleep. It was already 11:00 o’clock in the evening when  my phone rang. I was in a hurry to answer it and was so surprise to hear a strange voice from the other line. It was my classmate way back my college years. Mrs. Evangeline Develos Pekarek. She also was blessed by the Lord for she was able to marry an American Citizen Navy Captain and was blessed with two siblings.

            During my college days, she was one close friend. She told me I’m the girl she like the most inside the class because I haven’t even ask any single favor from her or anything, like money and etc. She even told me that my classmates were always asking money, foods a lot more from her. Especially when they discovered that she was a
US citizen. I just smiled back at her and told her. My mom doesn’t told me to be like that and also I’m a shy person and why should I asked something from her. From then on we became close friends. Though I’m not asking her to give me food during our recess she would always buy me snacks. She treated me like her daughter. When I was in my sophomore years she went back to US and keeps on sending me greeting cards.  Until our communication stopped for I can’t even reply to her mails because it’s expensive to mail in US. 

            That night she was shocked to know I quitted my schooling. I told her the reason behind. I don’t have enough money and I can’t afford to pay for the school fees anymore. And she gave me a very, very  wonderful offer. She is very much willing to pay for my school fees and would want me to be back schooling. I was so happy for that news. Herein the
Philippines it’s really import ant that you’re a degree holder for you to have an edge in the continuously improving society. 

            I really can feel that a lot of people are trying to under estimate me because I’m an undergrad. But it’s just ok, I understand them.

            It is also my desire to be the company’s asset that is why I’m very much willing to be back to school and finish a course.

            My classmate told me that I’ll just let her know if I’m already ready.

            For now I need to prioritize my work first for my family….

            God is really good and I love Him so much  for providing and blessing  me more and more everyday. Though it has a corresponding pain and struggles but I’m glad it was his masterpiece for me…



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