The rising hope

The rising hope

            It has been raining since last day. I’m still continuously doing my field work in here. The talking, distributing and walking session. I know that through this at least I can advertise the company here in
City and I can leave them a memory of it before leaving to

            It’s really exciting to experience that people dumped you for through this you will be more encourage to try so hard and think of a new ideas and concept with which you can improve yourself. I really enjoyed my walkathon today. I’ve been to the beach where there are so many people though it’s raining. Some of them are celebrating family reunions, some are just walking, others are having party with friends and etc. I’m so glad I was able to perform and accomplish my mission today.

            Field work is really tiring and I’m feeling cold right now…grrrr…grrrr…hehehe but its ok…

            After this I’m going home do the laundry and prepare my things which I will bring to
Iloilo…Better be ready earlier…

            I’m very much excited to see my mom…yeheyyyy at last she’ll be home…

            About my new job I do really hope that I can learn things easily and as well as I can contribute to the company’s improvement. God is there for me I know…

            He’s my one and only guidance, helper, friend and consoler. I thank you God for this life and for everything…



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