My first day on duty

My first day on duty

I wake up early this morning to prepare myself for a travel in Iloilo. I’ll be having my first office job today. My mom who just arrived from Manila yesterday went with me though she wasn’t feeling well. She just want to make it sure I’m safe in my dorm. And so we leave Roxas 9:00 am. Together with my baggage of clothes and things we took our ride at the bus. While we were there my Mom was happily telling me a lot of funny stories. Her experiences in Manila and a lo more. The two of us were the loudest among the crowd. I was laughing and I kept on telling my mom to lower her voice. Some passengers were already vomiting, I felt nauseous too but good thing I didn’t vomit. We were seated at the driver’s seat so we had seen all of the beautiful nature views from the outside. It was really great to see and look at green things like the enticing leaves of tall trees and the mountains and the ricefields. I really enjoyed a lot though I’m so tired. We arived in Iloilo at 2:30. Then we took another ride going to my boarding house. While we were cleaning the house, Fritz suddenly called me that I need to report at the office at 4:00 for some orientation purposes. And so I wasn’t able to eat my lunch. I did went to the office and there I meet Ma’am Jo who told me that Fritz is the one who will orient me about my job. And so I waited for her. While I was waiting Ma’am Jo allowed me and gave me permission to use Fritz’s PC. So I opened up my YM account and Sir Danny and I chatted. We talked about my situation. After Fritz’s orientation with me I went home to eat my lunch and I went back at 10:00 pm. I opened my accounts and there was the assignment given to me by sir Danny which I worked with after updating my reports. My task tonight are all enjoyable. It includes watching over workers who were sleeping during duty hours, listing down PC’s  serial nos. and monitoring seat plans and attendance. Also doing my reports in the office.

I am now the family’s breadwinner that’s why I will really do my best…I know I can do i for God is with me…



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