Loving and Letting go…

Loving and Letting go…

When you let go of something or someone expect that there will be a corresponding new replacement for that something or someone that you  let go. It maybe good or the one your not expecting or the one which is more than what you’ve expected to come.

In our daily lives we need to admit the omnipresence of change and also the unavoidable limits and boundaries. All things comes and goes. Likewise with people in our lives too. Some remains, others  leave. From important to least important people who have been a part of us. Some of them are just passersby. But we can’t deny that all of them have been a part of us even just for that very few minutes that we get connected with them. Who knows maybe in the future they will come back to us and stay with us forever. They’re always unpredictable… I mean  those that comes and goes..also the circumstances that arises during their absence and presence…

But one thing is for sure, all of these people had contributed something in our lives, some of them even influence us… The question is are these influences from them had brought us something which is good for us or for our own good? If they were friends were they able to conjure to us good things and spices of life? Were they able to influence us the real and true meaning of what friendship is…or they just came into our lives just to ruin us…or to make gossips, teach us how to critisize and judge other  people or did they even reached the point where they were already controlling us? How do we assess them and accept them in our lives. Is it really good to accept friends? I mean to be influenced by other people? Yes, I know it’s good to be a good listener…But how do we absorb the things that they were trying to instill in our minds. Do we allow them to dictate us or teach us to do this and that because this is what is right and what is wrong?

I know that each and everyone of us has our own choices whether to be influenced or not or whether we will be the one who will let them be  influenced by us. Do we really know on how to balance and determine whether they were right or wrong. Are we really strong with our philosopy or stand? Or we are weak that we just easily fall on their traps. And later realized that we were already being decieved.

I wanted to tackle this because I do believe in Individual Diffrences per se. I do believe that it’s not good to compare one person to the other. Or just believe right away in one’s idea and opinion about the other person without even knowing the other side’s situation.

We are already living in this world of chaos and it is only normal that people who comes and goes in our lives can influence us with sometimes what we think is right and we soon found out in the end that we’re already acting like them. We’re not ourselves already because a mask was being fitted to us by that person.

I know we really could not avoid this. But just a friendly reminder “You is You and no one can even replicate your self.” Just be you and you’ll surely enjoy everybody’s company. Learn to appreciate  all those that are around you and be passive of those negative and bearers of insecurity. I know and I do believe that even though a person haven’t taken any Psychology subject he knows how to read minds and differentiate the wrong notions from the right one. It’s just easy to accept and listen to suggestions but analization should always insert itself into it. For our decisions wether to accept or not may and will in the end affect us…

Love yourself, let others love you, and love everybody…That’s my motto…

“Love and you will be loved” says an old cliche’.


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