Your horoscope – Today, July 8, 2007


Make sure that you expose both sides of your personality to the people around you, glenda, especially those whom you care about the most. It could be that those you engage with on a regular basis only see the side of you that is maybe not so serious, and perhaps a bit immature. Remind them that there is much more to your personality than what they might simply see on the surface. You are a powerful woman, so don’t hide it.

Your Lovescope – Today, July 8, 2007


The planetary energy brings a real dose of humor into your love life. If you have both been going through a difficult time, then use this opportunity to get out and enjoy yourselves. It is probably because you have been too bogged down in responsibilities that you have not had enough time to relax. But it is worth doing so today – it will make a difference.

Chinese Reading – Month of July


You are practical and motivated. The month of the Goat brings a more artistic and sentimental focus. Money can be made from your talents. Seek happiness in small things to develop a greater sense of serenity. You may feel a rush of inspiration under the New Moon on July 14. It can be especially enjoyable to put your energy toward creating a calm and beautiful home. Volunteer activities and small gatherings of close friends will be memorable. Generally solid as a rock, you have been known to occasionally relax your standards for a fun night out. Go with the flow. Say yes to anything that sounds entertaining. You are well spoken and witty, but may lack self-confidence. There can be a tendency to pout when you don’t get your way. This is especially true under the highly charged Full Moon on July 29. Be ready to compromise to keep the peace.

NumeroScope – Today, July 8, 2007


A sense of achievement will be more important to you on this 8-Day, glenda. There’s nothing like this vibration to get you motivated toward creating the reality you desire most. It’s also an excellent essence to set down some new goals that reflect what you want at this time in your life. Don’t be surprised if new opportunities to make money come your way today, Five. Be sure that they fit in with your ambitions before you commit yourself to anything long-term.

Every one of your questions deserves an answer, but you have to find them yourself.

Lately a certain person has been getting under your skin, but they don’t mean to. In fact, they have no idea they’re having this effect on you at all! Say something in a kind way and the issue will soon be resolved.

Daily Extended Forecast for July 08, 2007
Provided by Daily Teen Forecast

Every one of your questions — from ‘Where should I go next in life?’ to ‘Why is this person in my life?’ — deserves an answer, but you have to go and find it yourself. Today, heed your curiosity and go to the source of the mystery. Ask that person why they value you in their life, and then you will get a better idea of why they are in yours. Then ask yourself what you’re most interested in — whatever captures your imagination is something that deserves further exploration.

Daily Teen Forecast for July 08, 2007
Provided by Weekly Forecast
It’s one of those days that requires a bit more attention from you than usual, so try your best to keep your mind on the most important stuff in your world. You’ll get back to the fun stuff soon!
Daily Career for July 08, 2007
Provided by Weekly Career
Next-door coworkers or fellow commuters have a loud conversation near you, and before you dismiss the chatter, open your ears. Crucial information is being passed along, and you can benefit and possibly profit.

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