Busy life…

Busy life…

Business minded people are always the one’s you will see having big eye bags in their eyes, some looks like haven’t slept for a year. Thier feets are always busy walking, thier mouths are talking, if not, their fingers are working. All parts of the body is in it’s function. The brain most especially. Yes this is what life is. You need to live it freely and the way you wanted it to be. For these people each and every minute is important. Task are to be accomplished on time and goals should be realistic. Rest is just necessary when there are no task left.  You can never even imagine that they do seldom eat for their concentration is on their business. Their wives are computers, their family are business associates, their sons and daughters are workers…The question is haven’t they even thinking that once in a while they need to breath. Or maybe they haven’t just noticed that they’re being suffocated anymore. Well, yes they’re right and they have their own reasons for saying, “This is my preparation for my future”. But what kind of future will you have when you’re already suffering from an illness. Can you still bring back your life again if you’ll be dead because you keep yourself busy from that business life of yours?

Think about it? Common, breathe, jog, read books and eat chocolates…Life is so short after all!


2 thoughts on “Busy life…

  1. hmm – you have a good point! for me, i really like the work that i do – for one, it’s very interesting to me. also, i like being an ‘entrepreneur’. it let’s me really decide what i want to work on, and it gives me the chance to meet some really interesting people every day.

    but sometimes it does become overwhelming. for instance, sometimes i feel that i have an obligation to ‘keep moving’ all the time. i’ve started something that people depend on … and what would happen if i would suddenly say ‘i don’t want to do this anymore!?

  2. First of all I would like to thank you for reading this blog which just came my mind and which I am not even supposed to publish because I was in a doubt if it really has and will make any sense to someone who will read it. I wasn’t expecting it would really touch your ego.
    Yes, that question of yours really touched me so much and that, it also was in my mind before writing this article. The realization that the real pressure is not just in the workers alone but most of all to the person who is behind their career. The Boss. I know and I understand what hardships and sacrifices you’ve been making and undergoing just to maintain and continue what you’ve started. You’re not just a breadwinner but a real Mr. Atlas who would carry the world for others. But I know and I do believe that your kindness are being repaid with equal even not much by people who have been a part of your struggles. God is really good for giving you to us. May these people realize your worth and I know they really do.
    All I can say is that I really salute you for being so
    strong, brave and courageous warrior who’s continuously fighting for all of us and most of all for showing us that life is worth living for. You’re the best!!! My sincere and heartfelt gratitude to the person I owe so much and it’s you!!!
    I know you can do it MR. COCONUT…I’m here no matter what! And there were many of us who will be there for you. Just always remember God is good!!!

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