Who am I?

Who am I?

Are we really bothered by this question? Do we really ask ourselves about it? Or is it other people’s desire to know if who really we are? Yes we are created unique in this world. Each and everyone of us possesses characters and traits which are different from one other and thus makes us unique.

In psychology there is this “individual differences”. And from it we can get basis that we don’t need to compare ourselves to others. It is because we do have our own. If there’s something that is missing or lacking in us there were also things that we do have that others don’t. That’s the beauty of life given by God to us. That is why no man is an island. Each and everyone of us is created for each other. That is why we are not made perfect because God wants us to realize that we need each other to survive. The question is are we really aware about this? Do we really know that we are meant to help and be a part of the lives of our fellows? Perfection is one thing that we always seek. That is why we are so unaware that this makes us fall into sin. Because though we know that in this world there is no perfection still we’re continuously expecting and striving hard to reach it. Yes, it’s really true. Each and everyone of us desires to be perfect. And this is where our sins begin. When we desire of something and we expect someone and even ourselves to be perfect we are already committing sin.

Yes, to err is human. It only depends on us if we really make it a practice or a habit.Well, the characters of sins that I envy the most are as follows, jealousy,criticism and gossip. I am not selfish but just don’t let me feel like you’re trying to intrude my life. Kindly mind your own business and I’ll be very happy to see you move on and improve rather than entrude me and dictate me with my life. I’m willing to listen but just don’t force me to follow you. We are different. But, when it comes to being generous you can count on me. Only that my generosity is just limited to things that I can do and offer you. I know how to accept failures but don’t look at me as perfect. Maybe I can portray the role of a perfect movie character but behind the scenes there still are my imperfections. Let’s live life the way we wanted it, let’s improve our selves not by comparing it to others nor making critiques or gossips. Concentrate on improving yourself and helping others to see, that life is worth living for, when each and everyone cooperates and contribute something good and positive to one another.

End line—>To be continued


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