Pressures on the insomniacs…

Pressures on the insomniacs…

Are you awake? I mean do you wake up at night and find yourself awake till dawn or even till the sun rise-ups and the new day begins? Gosh! You’re not alone dear! We’re teammates…fellow insomniacs! Better get going life isn’t bad at night especially if you’re doing something which is hmmmnn…good of course. Yes, why not try to be productive at night? Work! rather than stare at the sky and the stars outside or wait for the sun to rise…Use your brain, never say I’m getting tired and I really wanted to sleep but I can’t. Just say I better do something…hmmmnn let’s say read books, write stories, laugh at myself, talk to my mirror, review my high school lessons, take a look back at my calculus and remember those times I was crying and havinghard times in solving the problems, browse and look at my old photo albums and see who’s in there…maybe I had forgotten someone special, laugh at my ugly and funny poses…hmmmnn think if what I’m doing in that picture and compare myself before and now…These things were really enjoyable and you’ll surely never get bored..or sing your favorite songs under the stars…Try hard tomake your own dance moves, turn on your PC and YM your friends, mail them and let them know they’re always remembered, hug you pillows, polish your shoes, iron your clothes, draw or paint and a lot more..this is if you don’t have a night career. Yes, beacuse if you’ll not find anything that would keep you from going you’ll surely get bored. This is what we call pressures on the insomniacs…

Move, shake, think, sing, dance…enjoy! That’s the only way to forget your insomnia. Then you’ll have a nice morning sleep then…yeheyyyy!!!

Nothing just wanna write something hehehe…


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