What will I write?

What will I write?

They said all were already written. We always tackle same topics like cycles each day. We just get ideas from one topic and write it again. So if this thing is true. I’m not writing my original masterpiece today. Because this was already written before. So, what will I write  then? Do I still need to continue filling this page or not. What are the ideas that they haven’t read yet? Hmmm…I’m really in trouble..this was really sad we’re all losing our originality since evrything was already written. But, I think not all of them were already read! At last! Hahaha! I’m alive again. I thinnk I should stop from writing nor stop from thinking too! Since the flow of mind is continuous…Writing should also be continuous. It should be done daily, on bed, table, kitchen, under the tree in your orchard, anywhere. Anywhere you would want to. For writing is a passion, it’s somewhat consoling for me. It gives strength to my soul. It gives me life, it made me remember I’m still existing in this world. It made me realize I still can do it. It made me feel, I’m not alone. Through writing I can feel the cold sea wind breeze, I can smell the sweet flowers, taste the sweetest nectar that a bumble bee is enjoying while zipping the beautiful and alluring flowers. When I’m writing I’m not alone. I’m with other people who loves writing to. Though I’m just doing this just to escape the bitter reality of life. At least I’m consoled. Though I can’t state the full reason here, though I can’t shout it out so loud here, though I can’t make it to tell this page about it. But at least even just for a little moment I’m encoding this I am being consoled. My burdens were being lessened. My life is still in its continuous flow. I still can stand, can write, can think. I know I can do it all. I really can make it. Writing is one life for me. I’m even addicted…but not so much…I just love this…Hope I won’t stop this. Hopw I’ll still continuously write..till the end..the this line ends…


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