Whatever! Whatever would be the content of this write-up it’s from my whatever mind and just want to write whatever comes to let it go…

I was browsing the page of my tagged account and found out I recieved a comment from one of the members. Then it was really surprising to know that even old people are still continuously searching for love. This guy was already 48 years old and according to him he’s still searching for a soulmate. Ridiculous isn’t it? I know you’ll laugh but upon reading his message. I was  really touched. He was just I think longing not only for love but care above all. He was divorced to his wife and had three kids. I think those years that he was alone and left made him feel sad. I can say that his aura looks good and kind. And in fact the way he talks he seems really nice to. Well, I’m just hoping God will provide him a soulmate.

Whew! Love really. Anyway- I made that tagged account to let me escape from my real world. In there I had written confessions that are just made to add up some effect on my life as a teener…well, in short most of my confessions are just dreams that are too good to be true. Dreams that a normal girl  has. It was full of confessions about the love part in me. Things that i am suppose to feel and suppose to have but is opposite to what Im feeling.

It’s really awkward and I’m afraid my bestfriend will get angry of me because of that. But I know he won’t. WEll, I also enjoyed giving advice and befriending other people in there.

This is the whatever and now whatever it is I’ll end this up….


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