Hello Friends!

Hello Friends!

Yes! Hello my dear friends! It’s been a long time since I haven’t updated my blog. I know some of you are already feeling itchy…hehehe trying to think of what will I write next. Or maybe you’re feeling so bored reading my page… Well, no comment on that. So now Charan!!! I’m filling another page again. With stories, stories that are worthy to be told. The last few days was really busy for me as it is always.

Still I’m continuously running for life. But with this busy career and life I’m being thankful to God for still he provides me with good friends who serves as my comforter and pain reliever. I’m still lucky for I’m finding friends who are really true. Genuine, not only in deeds but also in heart.

Reaching this age, I can’t imagine that I’ve been through many obstacles. I’ve been to many places which I never even thought I will reach. I’ve been with people I never expected would come my way. Well, life is really like that. The only thing I can say is that I’m enjoying life and I do believe that all things work together for good. And above all I believe that God is always there for me.

Only that sometimes there are really things and people that are hard to control. They were like calamities, they would just come if they wanted to. Yes, problems in our daily lives are unavoidable. They were always thrown to us and no matter how we change direction still it reaches us. And I’m glad that in my every encounters with them I’m learning new lessons and they’re serving as good purpose then. I know they were just spices of life.

Well, this last few days of my life was filled with mixed feelings and emotions. And I’ve been into a situation where I had to keep some secrets. Secrets! Huh! Yes, secrets regarding my feelings.  Regarding the things that I’m into. And this is really the ever hardest thing to do.I had to wear mask to hide the real feelings that I had. I had to laugh though I’m in pain. Yes, the ever hardest thing to do is to smile and make other people happy while at the back of that is a heart full of pain. It’s really hard to say you’re ok when everybody sees that you’re in tears. It’s really hard to make people believe you’re happy while they’re seeing you cry. It’s really hard to pretend you’re not hurt. But for me I’m trying my best to do so because this is the only way for me to get out of the maze where I’m trapped. And it gives me a feeling of relief somehow to see other people laughing and happy because of me. Another hardest thing to do is to deal with diffirent people with diffirent emotions in the same period of time.

Though sometimes you always wanted to look at the brighter side of the situation but you really will be tempted to turn or glance at the other side. Yes, control is really one great thing you could do to just avoid it.

But now all I can say is that I’m so happy for along the way I still meet people that makes me feel happy, contented and relieved. Friends are always important for me.

I had a new friend, he was really good, kind and honest. I like the way he talks to me. I like the way he gives advise. I like his being jolly and chubby. My friend ROC really deserves to be a part of this article. He was one great guy I’ve known.  He has respect and is true. I hope and I wish that I can meet more people like him.

He was like Mr. Coco they were consolers. They were great people with great heart. And in my life they will never be forgotten. They deserve a place in  my heart.

Mr. Coco and Friend ROC! I salute both of you for being my good, best of all best friends. Thanks for coming into my life and for being a part of me.

I know there were lots of people reading my blog and I don’t want to be biased. I love you all People! People of God. His great masterpieces!

Before I forgot…Kit, Glen, Philip, Rosanna-take good care of your health guys! I’ll be visiting you if I have time to be back there in Roxas. I miss you all friends. Thanks for always keeping in touch.

I love you all without exception!

To my Momma Gloria, Sis Geriza, Bro’s Geric and Gio..I miss you guys… Grandma, Aunt, cousins and all…I’ll be there soon. To give you my hug…I miss you all mwaaaahhh.

Don’t you worry I’m doing everything for all of you… God is good always remember guys!



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