About the Book

About the Book

The last time I wrote about the book I bought at the department store I was really so excited and even overwhelmed for it never even came to me that digging the treasure is really fulfilling when patience and determination is used together .This time around I’ll be revealing its title! I don’t know if you would like it too!But for me it was one of the best books I own now. I love books especially inspirational books. They really give me power to continue and move on with my life. Also the insights are giving me more strength to fight and always hold on.

My thirst for reading would always go with my hunger for writing. So I usually write when I read. I love the moments that I spend hours reading books, magazines, and a lot more no matter how old or new or how it looks like. I really love internalizing the thoughts that these books has.

With so much cravings for them. I also crave for happiness in life, of course success but in just in simple ways and dreams. I would always want to touch the earth with my bare feet. I would always love to be loved. Yes, who wouldn’t want to. I also want prosperity for I know surely it’ll give me the satisfaction that each and everyone of us wants to have. Yes, I’m not denying the fact that like each and every human I also dream for prosperity.

This book was written by Dr. Ruth Ross a doctor of Philosophy and a great author. She really fosters a very good personality and strong sense of positivism based on her write-ups. She entitled it as “Prospering Woman”. Though the title seemed to be focused on womens but the contents as I browsed was applicable for everybody. For anybody who would be interested to it’s subject.

While I was reading the introductory part of the book. My fingers are really itching to turn the pages that I used to read so quick! just want to get some overview..until I reached page one. From there I stopped reading. The reason is I saw sets of questions which needs to be answered not only with few words (this is just for me) but with an elaborated answer. I really love the questions they really are very much motivating. That’s why I don’t want to continue reading it until I am through answering those question! I would want that in every question I can write at least one good article. hehehehe…so much nerd!


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