How will you ever know that you’re inspired? How does it feels to be inspired? Was it like LOVE? I mean falling in love? Hmmmnn..well, well, so much on that. I just remembered jotting this down because it just came to my mind while I was thinking of something…Ahahaha! Well some thoughts of it came to me while I was thinking of people falling in love with each other.So ridiculous but I’m feeling odd about it. Hehehe. Maybe I just can’t relate. For in heaven and earth’s sake! I haven’t been shaken by that tornado yet. Hahahaha! Yes, honestly i haven’t been into falling in love yet. Because I’m not yet sure and ready. I’m still thinking…will it be a boy or a girl? Hmmmnn…so complicated. I know I am and should not fall for a girl but gosh..I’m blushing when I see sexy, cute, beautiful and sexy girls. Honestly I can appreciate girls more than guys. Hehehe..I’m aware of lesbian things but I don’t think I’m really pure lesbian. I just can’t understand why. It always happens, no matter how I force myself to “open my eyes wide” to see those handsome guys…No effect! As in! No effect really! sometimes I’m getting bothered about it. Well, haven’t you noticed that I’m talking much on physical thing here. Well because it’s just attraction that I wanted to have focus on in this article. Well, attraction, physical attraction. I really wanted to know this. Does it has something to do with getting inspired too? Seldom you’ll really hear me say and write things about this love struck and attraction thing. But at this moment my curiosity is just itching in my fingers and skinny brain. Hehehe, a lot of people are really asking me why I haven’t been into that yet..For me I’m still too young for that and in the first place it’s not my priority in life. My family would go first. Secondly it seems funny for me and really vain. But because of these people encouraging me to try it my curiosity is really growing more and more everyday. But as what I have said I’m not prioritizing that. Though sometimes I’m feeling ‘kilig’ if someone teases me. Well just temporary. But I haven’t felt falling…Falling in love! With an opposite sex! I think it’s still floating in the air..When I don’t know! gos knows..that’s my answer guys so please stop on asking me about it..hehehe later maybe..


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