Work, Love and Play

Work, Love and Play

“Work, love and play these are the basics without them there is neurosis”.

I love this motto, I really can relate. Why the heck bury yourself into that loads of work,work and work and get bored. Why not try to make some twist and instead of thinking it’s work think of it as a game. Learn to appreciate it! and most of all learn to love it! Don’t mind others if they’re trying to eye you on. Just enjoy what you’re doing. Enjoy everything…Play, play, play…c’mon my playmates let’s play! Hehehehe and then  sing, sing, sing though you don’t know how to tune it in…hahahaha just sing, sing and dance, dance, create your own unique dance steps. But of course don’t do this in front of your coworkers when they’re seriously working. They might think of you as crazy or insane. Hahahaha! Shhhh…quite this is what I’m doing when I’m alone and working..I’m enjoying each and every seconds by thinking I’m playing at  Play Land with my toys… I consider the office as Play Land Palace, my toys are my computer, pen, paper, notes etc. Then I used to think of my self as fairy…Hehehehe..cute little fairy like Tinker Bell. And I  make magics by finishing and accomplishing the mission and the task that I had for my kingdom…

When my co-workers are around I also think of them as my fellow fairies. And we were working together for our Kingdom merrily. Then, I use to greet and smile at them and talk to them with sometimes nonsense things so that they would laugh at least I helped them feel happy. Hehehehe 🙂

Unique isn’t it…Well, that’s life. We need to learn to make outlets and create a natural magic of our own. Through our personal touches.

This is all for now…Chinx!chinx! Blink!Blink! Magic!!!


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