Eversun’s Tech People!

Eversun’s Tech People!

geed1.jpgThe Tech peopleglenda-and-claire-004.jpgglenda-and-claire-007.jpgglenda-and-claire-006.jpgglenda-and-claire-008.jpgglenda-and-claire-012.jpgglenda-and-claire-010.jpgglenda-and-claire-014.jpg

Here we go Eversun’s Enthusiastic Team!!! Yeheeyy!!! The tech people…Huh! We’re astig! To the max!!! Guys I just want you to take note of the eye bags…inside mine and Fritz’s glasses and Jerson and Ms. Claire’s bare naked eyes…

Ms. Claire’s Laptop just arrived and we were into testing…Hehehe testing the cam…yohoooo…we got these cute shots..of ourselves…the wierdo’s…Saturday..we were doing our overtime…and enjoying. Our system admin Jerson, his co tech Fritz Juele, Ms. Claire and me…We had so much fun joking and telling funny stories while working. These is how dedicated we are to Eversun! Only that my cheeks felt so numb right after all of those laughs. I feel like it was pinched so hard…I really can’t help but laugh especially when our funny sys ad used to interpret what we’re saying into jokes not to mention the bloopers I had added into our conversation.Ms. Claire I know felt the stomach ache that I and had felt. It was one big happy night for a one big happy team working together…Wanna join the “Its a gay thing”? Hurry registration is for free…Qualifications, must be good in laughing and joking, and crying and laughing again and most of all smiling…:)


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