Am I really taking my life seriously? I don’t think I’m foolish enough to just play with my life. It’s a God -given gift. A treasure that no one and nobody could even steal. Unless death arrives or God decides to take it away.

It’s been a long time again. I’m missing my blog. Seriously, this thing had been a part of me. It had done so much in changing me and had molded me somehow. This is where I can become my self, the real me, without pretension. Yes, it’s true…I don’t care about what other people says. All I know is that I’m just being me. The persona behind the girl your seeing, running, walking and laughing everyday. I can’t deny the fact that I do, sometimes wear a mask to cover myself and to somewhat deceive someone about the real situation that I have. There are times that I would wear a smiling mask to just let and show the world I’m happy, I’m stable, I’m strong. But behind that is the pain and the torture that I am experiencing in sometimes I can say life of misery. That’s why there are times I would try to tell and whisper to myself “If they only knew…” It is always my desire and want to be positive and yes I would always go that way. But don’t tell me and don’t stop me when you saw me crying. I need tears sometimes, but more than that I really need someone who would console me, advice me, hug me tight, let me believe I’m not alone, let me know I still have chances, I don’t need to give up, I have to move on, I have to sometimes let go, I have to stop crying for I’m not alone. I need someone who would really care for me, who would show and tell that there’s still love in this world. Yes, I need that someone …—>warning: This is an unfinished article, do not conclude first…


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