Angel Wings (Gwenetian Picture Story)

Angel Wings (Gwenetian Picture Story)


As little girls me and my sister were taught to believe in Jesus and Angels. Our mom would always tell us stories of Angels during bedtime. And this moment is the one that I love the most. I am so thankful my Mom raised us well. I’m so proud of her.

Because of this, my young mind was given an intuition of a mature one. Because Jesus loves me and Angels do exist, the thought of loving everybody and giving respect to them was planted in my mind and heart. When some kids use to bully me I would just smile and answer them “Heaven knows” even without knowing if what does this word means. I was five years old during the time that this word just came out of my mouth, when I was once bullied by my playmate. Every time I met old people I would always hug them and say “Hello grandma/granpa” and I feel so happy seeing them so amazed that a little girl they don’t even know just came in an instant and gave them a hug. I used to call everybody aunt and uncle though they weren’t. I would always love staying inside the church, imagining there were angels guiding me and playing with me. I’m always feeling so light every time that I’m thinking of it.

The picture above was taken during my preschool years. My mom enrolled me in a school run by priest and nuns. Ave Maria Child Learning Center in Bicol, my father’s place. They served as our teacher’s. I could still remember Rev. Fr. Eboña, Sister Toni and Sister Bing. These three were my teachers and they were all good and great! As the smallest and the most aloof among the group. They would always talk to me. Ask me questions until I was to recover from my shyness at last. But still not totally. Sister Toni would ask me to lead the singing of the National Anthem. She would teach me on how to do the beating and with my little hands I would follow. I’m really shy that I use to bow down my head when walking. I seldom talk and play with my classmates because they were bad. I would always prefer staying inside the church or going at our garden and play with the flowers and butterflies. I love angels that’s why. I don’t want to be influenced by bad girls and boys.

This foundation had really made me strong and what I am right now…Thanks to my angels and most of all to Jesus. For guiding my tiny little steps in the right way.


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