MY MOM…So Proud to be her daughter!!!

MY MOM…So Proud to be her daughter!!!

The reason of my existence…My bestfriend, kabarkada, katawanan, the person who knows when I’m sad, she never gets tired of kissing and hugging me every time I’m going home for a visit…She never stops on telling me stories, funny stories, she would always care, she would always be proud of me, she’s the one I can always lean on. She’s the reason behind why I’m continuously fighting for life, why I’m always holding on…why I wanted to live…She’s my treasure the greatest gift God had ever given me. My Mom, I’m always proud of this girl, I know she’s but a real fighter, I know she’s strong. She’s the best person I’ve ever known in my life. I will and will always love her. Her happiness is always my desire. Though sometimes I know I’m hurting her. Though sometimes I don’t talk to her, though sometimes I don’t reply in her text messages, though there are times I’m in my bad mood and I frown, though there are times i’m feeling lazy to help her in the household chores, though there are a lot of times I failed. But I never heard anything from her. She’s just keeping quite, still hugging me, telling me how happy she is for having me. Yes, she’s but my real inspiration. Though I’m like this, though she knows I’m nerd, I’m weird but still she never stops from loving me, from letting me feel I’m an important person. I’m very proud of my MOM. Mom, this article is really for you. You just don’t know that I really love you so much. Only that there are times I can’t express myself. I know you know the reason why. I know you can sense it, yes, sometimes I’m trying to think that I’m so stupid for being like this. But inside me MA, in my heart you will and will always be my one and only Mom. I LOVE YOU. This write-up and article is the only gift I can give you…This will serve as my response for your hugs and kisses..I’m still expecting for more of those…mom.jpgmom-2.jpg


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