Find the difference…

Find the difference…




Find the difference!!!


I could still remember, during my high school years I’m fond of playing and answering puzzles. I like treasure hunting. I’m fond of this, “Find the difference in this picture”. Yes, I do enjoy it. Usually the pictures should be the same the first should be the duplicate of the other one. However, tricks were just added in order to deceive and confuse the readers. This one is different. I just remembered giving the title “find the difference” because I do believe that each and everyone of us has our own uniqueness. Yes, it’s always true in psychology. Individual differences. But what I would like to emphasize is that as unique individuals we are special. In the first place we are created by God in His own image and likeness, we were given different lives and crossroads to travel. We were given freedom to choose and decide if in which way we’re going to pass through order to overcome the obstacles and win the race of life. We all have the right. Most importantly the right to choose right and good people we would want to become part of our lives. These people are those that we consider special for us. Not because of “relationship thing” but because of “friendship thing”. Yes friends are always special for me. They always adds-up the strength that I have in my life. They are considered immortal in my heart. They would always stay there forever. I usually write articles for my friends because I wanted to let them know that’s how important they are for me. To win my friendship isn’t that hard. No higher standards and qualifications are required as long as you know if what life is, on how to value it and and most of all you know God. You know on how to let me see and show me the real me. I know that no one is perfect and yes I’m always ready to accept all of the imperfections in every special human being that I will met along the way for I know it’s the one that makes them perfect. Sacrifices are always a part without them we will not be molded to become whole. The thought of writing this article came to my mind because, I’m so glad I was able to find another one good friend and person. I’m so glad I’ve known someone who is as funny and humorous as this guy. Thanks for all of the laughs “friend Fritz”. This article is really for you. I’m wishing for more laughs and fun to come!

By the way the difference between the two pictures: “In the first picture we were a nerdy type hehehe because of the glasses…hehehe that’s the “genius side kuno naton”….tapos sa second pic….wala glasses kay ang motto dira “simplicity is beauty”…hehehe simple lang siya mo…kay man wala ka may makita…tanan gaburon…meaning tanan simple lang panulukan mo….BLURRED…Hahahaha…enjoy reading!!!


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