A Sneak into my Room and Closet…Shhh..

A Sneak into my Room and Closet…Shhh..



Want to know if what’s inside my room…c’mon have a sneak….Let’s get inside and peep…Hehehehe…I was in the mood of taking pictures of myself but I haven’t noticed that I was already taking photos of my room….Hehehehe… So instead of my face…I will just put my room’s picture in here…

Maybe you’re wondering why there are flowers inside my room. Well, simply because I love flowers…Hehehe and my closet..Shhhh..hidden there are my “secret”…I’ll tell you soon, and my barbie dolls…and etc…

I’ll write more about my room later—>to be continued..Hehehehe 🙂

Someone wrote me a love letter?

Someone wrote me a love letter?

If you have mails usually it is delivered on your mailbox, doorsteps, or you may receive it in your e-mail in box. Letters comes in many forms and receiving a it also comes in many ways. But this letter is unique. It wasn’t delivered to me personally, not even in my doorstep nor my mailbox but rather in my USB.

Sometimes I am amazed by how other people express themselves. Writing a letter to someone is somewhat an “oldy type” and a “corny” one. But it seems funny and I was really surprise to find a letter written inside my USB. Hahaha. Well, I just want to laugh a little because it seems so strange for me. I can’t believe that there are people who admires me. Maybe yes, the sender is right that I just haven’t noticed it because I’m busy. Or it’s just the fact that its not the main agenda of my life.

Receiving a love letter is one “kilig” factor too. But the thing that bothered me more here is the “anonymous sender”. I kept on thinking if who really this person is because he/she seems to be good in hiding. I don’t know even if this one is a girl or boy. Well, you know it’s not impossible for a girl to admire a girl too.

Check the letter out—>