Someone wrote me a love letter?

Someone wrote me a love letter?

If you have mails usually it is delivered on your mailbox, doorsteps, or you may receive it in your e-mail in box. Letters comes in many forms and receiving a it also comes in many ways. But this letter is unique. It wasn’t delivered to me personally, not even in my doorstep nor my mailbox but rather in my USB.

Sometimes I am amazed by how other people express themselves. Writing a letter to someone is somewhat an “oldy type” and a “corny” one. But it seems funny and I was really surprise to find a letter written inside my USB. Hahaha. Well, I just want to laugh a little because it seems so strange for me. I can’t believe that there are people who admires me. Maybe yes, the sender is right that I just haven’t noticed it because I’m busy. Or it’s just the fact that its not the main agenda of my life.

Receiving a love letter is one “kilig” factor too. But the thing that bothered me more here is the “anonymous sender”. I kept on thinking if who really this person is because he/she seems to be good in hiding. I don’t know even if this one is a girl or boy. Well, you know it’s not impossible for a girl to admire a girl too.

Check the letter out—>



One thought on “Someone wrote me a love letter?

  1. Ahah! This is really a mystery!

    Well, honestly you are a really nice woman – and the happiness that you have spreads to all the people you are near! We’re all really lucky to know you … and we’re all happier since we know you šŸ™‚

    … hmm – but the question remains … who wrote this love letter to you? … this will take some real detective work! As a start, have you tried to check for fingerprints on your USB drive?

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