Missed Writing! (A self treat)

Missed Writing! (A self treat)

With great intent and desire to write I would always miss this page. When I’m having time to browse and fill pages of this blog I’m feeling so consoled and fulfilled.

Being positive and looking at things in a positive way always helps. But till when will your ptience last? Till when will that positive thoughts of you will remain?

Skip the topic. It’s always good to do things and enjoy things. Giving yourself a treat is one great experience!Last time I remembered getting so bored from staying inside my boarding house alone. I decided to give my self a stroll at Iloilo City. I rode on a jeepney without even thinking about the destination. I haven’t even read the sign if to where that jeepney is going. Well, just want to stroll around…just a trip! I’m not familiar with Iloilo yet and honestly the only place I know is SM Highway…huhuhu poor me. Hmmmmnn but well back to that road trip. While I was riding at the jeepney I keep on peeping outside the window and familiarizing the place until we reached the place with the big mall in it. Robinsn’s. Whew! I paid the driver and trudge the way going to the mall. I was thinking of something. I remembered to give myself a treat. At first I was thinking of buying a new dress. But then seems expensive for me. So i just window shopped first. I came to a place with guitars in it. Whew! My dream…it’s been a long time since I was dreaming of having my own guitar. Yes I really want to have and own a guitar for as much as I love writing I also love music though music doesn’t love me that much. I was staring at the beautiful guitars but then I discovered they have beautiful prices too! Php 1,500.00 Whew! where would I get that amount. Huhuhu..poor me again…so I just said bye, bye to the guitars then…Then i continued strolling inside the mall..until I remembered entering a bookstore. Yes, I love books like music and writing. The love for reading is always a thing I crave for. It’s a lot of fun. So I decided to browse pages of books and books…I went to dictionaries…I thought of buying one…the one which is English-Mandarin. Learning other languages will be a lot of fun..But, upon looking at the price wow! So expensive again…whaaa!! I’m really losing hope…So with great frustration I went out of the bookstore until Alas! I’ve been to this place selling second hand books…old books… At last I was now able to smile…with great relief..I went browsing and searching for books. Then I happened to hold one..I don’t know but it just came to my hands…It has the most ugly cover, looks so filthy and dusty. I wasn’t even browsing it and I don’t even remember picking it up. I just noticed that I was already holding it. To my surprise it only cost 35 pesos and wow! the contents are really good.

Soon in my next write up I’ll reveal the ontents of the book. This is all for now….


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