A Christmas Wish…

A Christmas Wish…


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It is every year that we celebrate Christmas. The Birth of our Saviour Jesus!

I am always very, very thankful to Him because He had given me lots of blessings. It keeps on coming…Though there are tough and rough times but He is always there to guide me. He was the one who lights my way in my every journey. Though I know His tests were never easy but I am not giving up, because I can always feel His presence and guidance.

I’m just happy that my family is in good health, they were there together. Though I wasn’t able to come home but I know and they know that my heart never fails to remember them always.

To my Mom, I love you so much! To Toto, Gigi and Yoyo, Lola, my Aunts and cousins and friends…A merry, merry Christmas to all of you…

No matter what happens I will never, ever give up…because I do always care for you…

Mom you are my life. My Christmas wish for you is for you to have good health, more love in your heart, be more stronger, happy, and never ever forget…God is with us…He is.. I love you!

Gigi! my sistah! study hard and always remember material things are just temporary, even money….but a good heart always remains to be remembered!

Toto!!! miss you bro!…I promise to be there soon. Just be good and study hard!

Yoyo!! my li’l bro…I wish you a merry, merry Christmas…Jesus loves you!!!

Lola I’ll be home soon…



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