Why Write

Why Write

Sometimes I don’t know why I’m writing. Sometimes I feel so inspired doing it but there are times I can’t continue and finish what I’ve started. Reasons are, I run out of ideas, I lost my interest, I got hungry, tired, bored etc. But what’s really good in writing is that it gives you a feeling of relief. Once you’ve already started it it just flows continuously into your mind. I think it doesn’t matter if it is an unfinished article, or story as long as you had that great time jotting or typing down the words that comes out of you.

Well, sometimes life really becomes boring. Sometimes you can’t think of what to do. For me the best thing I do is write. But not all the time I can have the chance to do so. If not I would just give myself a slouch in my bed and think of the things that I wanted to happen to me. It’s imagination that works then. Out of it you will be able to analyze yourself well. Feel yourself and evaluate it.

Many times I want to write what I’m thinking but I don’t know why I’m missing it. Maybe because they are meant to be that way. They just need to pass into our minds.

Hmnnn…I love writing so much!


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