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Cheers for me! My birthday is coming!!! Yes I’m on top of the world! I am and I am…Why? Because I’m standing still. Holding on, breathing, laughing, crying, walking, writing and talking! Years had passed, I know I will not last that long but I’m happy another year will be added to it. Another chance, to survive and wrestle the world!

It’s amazing how life was wonderfully created by God. It’s also amazing how he designed us with courage, strength and choices. Choices to live and feel the very essence of life. He gave us eyes to see the colors and fill it inside our hearts. Smell the fragrance of the path of our destiny. Feelings to feel the soft and gentle moments of life at the same time the roughs and toughs. He gave us time to live it with purpose for no one knows what time can bring maybe a new beginning or an end. The strength and courage to face everything bravely and also the weaknesses to know that we have limits and we need not to be alone. We need others in our lives.

I’m stupid to say that I never hated myself and my life. Of course I do hate myself and my life sometimes. Why? because we people had no contentment that’s one of the reasons but not the main. It’s just that I’m being pressured by time and other people around me. It’s because I’ m being the real me.Sometimes I get too tired of their blames and I’m getting dumb and numb. I don’t want hearing it anymore. Sometimes I’m thinking I wanted to go to an end and just die. I’m a very loving, caring and understanding person. But when it comes to trust and respect just don’t challenge me. Once you’ve already ruined this two don’t expect to see me again. It’s better we don’t talk and see each other. It just hurts that people are so dumb not knowing they’re already hurting someone.

I can manage to be alone than by having this kind of people around me. I get tired, bored and angry. When I got married the thought of loving and giving my full support to this person is the number one priority in my life and this never changed. I do really love my husband. The only thing I can’t take is his family. They seem to be like people with their own worlds. People who are good at hurting someone.Even their own sons and daughters, own brothers and sisters. I really wanted to get out of this maze and trap. However I need to save the love of my life. With this there’s nothing I can do but to become slave of these people. I really hate this but because of love I will continue my purpose.

With my family, I really love them so much, nobody could ever replace them in the world they are the best! That’s why I grew to up this way, because of them I am a wonderful person. I know that. I know I have a different heart than this stupid people. I’m very proud to have my family. A family I can say a measure of true love, hope and happiness.

For my birthday I celebrate and I thank God above all for all of the things that happened to me. Those things brought me here! I am turning 23. Hoping this life will be spent in a purpose. I love life though I hate it a little.

More to come!


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