June 12, What happened?

June 12, What happened?

I’m 23 Hooraayyy!!

It’s my birthday, last June 12 it was.

What are the challenges that came to me that day?

It was my Birthday and I’m sick. Yes, I was, I don’t even have money in my pocket too! Whew! what a day. But what’s the catch? Well, I’m happy why? Because I have friends who care and loves me, I have my family who never forget that on that day I am celebrating my birthday. Though they are far away from me, I still can feel their hugs, kisses and love thru their text messages. And I have my husband who loves me like I love him.

Above all I have God in my heart! A God that never fails to show His love to me. That day I learned another lesson from Him. It’s the lesson of love. Having those people that surrounds you with love and envelopes you with their care is more important than money.

My birthday is one happy day! A day i can say unforgettable.


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