Who Loves Me, Who Loves Me Not…

Who Loves Me, Who Loves Me Not…

zwani.com myspace graphic comments

zwani.com myspace graphic comments
You can’t please everybody, yes that’s a fact.

There are two kinds of people in this article, those who loves and those who loves me not.

For those who loves me not, thank you. You’re a tasty spice in my life. You’ve served your purpose.Indeed you made an amazing turning point in my life. I love that! It’s a challenge. Thank you for making me strong and for chasing me to find and conquer the answers of life!

For those who loves me, a hundred thanks! Bravo! You’re the best for showing me the world where I can be myself with no pretension. Thank you for waking me up. Thank you for everything especially for loving, caring and understanding me. You’ll always be here in my heart no matter what!

Thanks God! For this two spices of life. Indeed, You’re the greatest challenger of all and above that the Greatest love that grows inside me!


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