Writing with love!

Writing with love!

WOhooo! I’m writing a new post again!

Topic, topic, topic!

Okies, to start with I would like to write about the things that makes me feel complete everytime I’m doing it!

One of the most memorable day that I had is when I visited my Roxas family! I really feel so fulfilled everytime that I am with them. 🙂  Having been to a place where I belong, a place I can call my own, my home! It really feels sooo good!!!

Our Simple Home…A place where I Belong!

The chances of having them by my side, the moments when I hug them and kiss them, the times when I’m seeing them smile and happy! I really love that! For me my greatest goal in life is to make them happy and to let them feel my warmest love! The treasures of my life. No one and nobody could ever make me feel more happier than having them and making them happy! I was able to visit my Grandma who upon seeing me had her tears rolling down her cheeks I really love Grandma so much! My uncles and Aunts, my nephews and nieces, cousins and of course my Lovable Mom and siblings! It’s a total and perfect happiness that really made my day!

Me, My sis and Lil Bro

Mom, Fritz, Me and My Little Bro

Bro Geric

God knows I love them all!


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