We fall, we stumble but we always have the chance of rising up again. It’s a matter of trust, faith and hope. Each and everyone of us has our own luck, may it be badluck or good luck. But I believe that things has its own equale. We should expect both coming in two different directions. There are always consquences but what matters is, we know how to face it and accept it.

To move on with our lives we need to have the strength and courage to face what is ahead and coming to us. I cannot say I am that strong and perfect when it comes to problem solving or life matters. Yes, I am also human subject to err and fear. Honestly, I am weak, I cry, I feel pain, I get disappointed, I give up. But I think, living life the way that you wanted it will always be the best thing to do. Above that, the most undefeated purpose of having God as your guide and believing that He is your everyday is an excellent decision.

For most of the years that I have lived this life of mine in this minute world I can say realizations are things that makes me become more mature with life. And the best realization that I had is, God is always there with me and counting the countless blessings He gave me I can never express how greatful and how happy I am with those blessings.

I’ve been with so many life trials but He always gives me what I can always overcome. And overcoming it is very rewarding. Yes, it’s true.

Today I recieved another blessing from Him. An epistle of hope.

A Job Promotion!!! Wohooooo!!

All I can say is that, God loves me a lot!
Thank you God for everything and for giving me these blessings, for surrounding me with people who believes in me. You’re the best!