Turning 24 is never a joke!

Turning 24 is never a joke!

Well, life must go on!

Today I am very, very thankful to God for giving me the most wonderful birthday gift. LIFE!!! I’m very glad I still have the grasp for breath, I’m glad I’m still here alive and kickin’, doing things that I believe are right. 24 years of life here on earth is never a joke!

Yes! it’s never a joke at all. Another year has been added to me. Yeah! I’m continuously growing old but not tall! Heheheheh! But what really makes sense is that I’ve spent my life in purpose! Growing means  a lot of things for me. It’s an accomplishment! It is unbelievable that no matter how hard things are we are able to surpass them with great strength. I’ve been into starvation, job loss, depression, pain, sickness, disasters and a lot more, they’re so hard to mention and to remember but what matters most to me today is that I’m still here. I am once again given the chance to face a new fight! A fight for a life that is worth livin’ for.

Well what really are the things that I considered as my accomplishments? Hmmnnn…First and foremost I know that a lot of people are losing hope because of  depression, negative things and energy that are entering into thier lives, economic crisis, diseases, disasters and calamities, death of loved ones and a lot more! Honestly I’ve been into this situations for so many times but what made me strong, which I considered as my accomplishment is my faith! God is there! He will never let you down, just ask, pray and be patient and surely you’ll never regret! Having God in my heart is a great achievement! With him I can think clearly and never lose hope! Next thing is my family, they are my inspiration and when I’m down I would always think about them. It is never a secret to all that I came from a poor family! We’ve been into a lot of tough times, my Mom who is a single parent have contributed a lot to my growth and strength. She had shown a lot of great things and bravery to us in times of crisis. She’s my idol because she’s very strong and never gives up! My sister who just graduated into college with honors because of her dedication to her studies is an inspiration too! My little brothers who always makes us laugh with thier jokes and funny humors. My grandma, my aunts, cousins, nephews and nieces are all inspiration for me to move on and I think it’s an accomplishment that I am becoming more stronger and growing more mature each day because of them.  Talking about gwroing old and mature another great achievement of my life is my marriage! My husband who’s always been there, supporting me in all of my endeavors. He’s one of the greatest gift on my birthday, with his love and security I can feel only happiness and love but no regrets for having him. Though I never dreamed of getting married and having a husband I can say God is a really good planner! I say bravo to God for giving me this man! He rocks! Sister Laarni is one big influence and inspiration too! I love you sis! Of course I would never forget those people who were there and made me paved my way from the very rocky roads of life going to a more smoother and calm ocean. They’re the one who’s also behind my success and failures. They maybe the antagonist or protagonist in the movie of my life but they’re well appreciated! Thank you you all made me grow and accomplish things.

My career has been the most crucial part of my life as I grow older. I’m thankful that today I am blessed with good and great people around! Having a great Company and a great boss is a wonderful gift! They are those who believes in my talent and capacity to do things! I may never be the perfect worker but I’m always thankful they’ve given me the chance to prove my worth. Thanks guys for continuously believing and trusting in my capacity! Truly I am blessed for having you! You are but one of my greatest achievement in life!

My motto still never changes ” The greatest regrets in out lives are the risks that we did not take”! I’m hoping to achieve more in the coming years! I’m 24 today but tomorrow is another day! Another new day to face life!

Success for me doesn’t mean having everything around but having people that envelopes you with love. My wheel of fortune will continue to move-on may it be up or down I’m never worried because  I’ll let God drive with me!

God bless to all of the people in my life ! Thank You God you’re always the best!