“Do you ever dream big?”

“Do you ever dream big?”

Do I ever dream big? When I was asked for the second time around about this question I was taken aback for a while. I was forced to think and I tried to recall every possible moment of my life that would relate to the question. 

The first person who asked me this question is my former boss. While we were having a chat he suddenly asked me about it. I just simply answered, “I’m a simple contented person. I am contented with what I have and what is given to me and I think that whatever are the things that is in me and I’m enjoying at the moment is already enough and I’m happy for it.”   Well they say that to dream is free and the best things in life are free, but for me to be realistic and more practical is the best thing to approach life. You are more likely to succeed in your plans. I have goals in life but I would always try to analyze it and make it closer to reality.

It’s not a sin to dream and dream big but the thing is you should learn to analyze life, where and what are your limits, can you really make it, what are the consequences and what are your choices.

Positive thoughts on dreaming and dreaming big:

When you are in a dream you are at least able to escape the bitterness of reality. You can do whatever you want inside a dream, everything is just easy and possible.It heals your heart and heartaches for a moment which is good also. It gives you hope and strength, it allows you to move on and take a step forward because of the self confidence that it builds within you. When you dream big it and you take it into action it will never be impossible to achieve it. When you dream big sometimes you are able to let go of the negative feelings and emotions inside you. It helps you laugh and be happy. Sometimes it takes away pain and fears. There are times that you are able to mirror positive thoughts to people around you.

Dangers of Dreams:

Since dreaming is escaping from reality waking up is the hardest part. Reality is just there and upon waking up you need to cope with it. Sometimes it will be hard for you to face the reality and it causes negative effect to your life, it makes you down and frustrated. Sometimes it can even claim lives. When a person is imprisoned inside a dream it will be hard for him to recognize what is real.

Positive thoughts on Being Realistic:

When you are a realistic kind of person, you tend to be strong, you can face reality. You know what your goals are and they are clear. You are simple and can cope with unexpected things that reality brings into your life. You know how to quit because quitting is not a sign of weakness but rather an action that would take you to a new path. You are not afraid of change. You can go out and be happy and adjust easily to situations. You have positive thoughts inside you. You know how to balance life.

Coping with reality:

If you are taking reality too seriously you are sometimes misunderstood. You are prone to problems and you tend to think more which is stressfull. Sometimes being a realist may take you into a very dangerous sitaution like when you couldn’t think clearly of the solutions anymore you tend to get angry and frustrated easily. Sometimes other people are becoming suicidal.

Each one of them have their pros and cons. I am writing this article because when my husband asked me  if I ever do dream big. I tried to analyze what kind of person I am. Do I really dream big or I’m a realist. It is then that I realized I am both. Sometimes I am a dreamer and there are times that I’m realistic. I think it’s just balance.

I also wrote this because of a friend who unexpectedly came into me and cried for help. She told me she was afraid of change. She was afraid to go out of her closet. She just happen to have more fears in herself. What can I do? I just advised her to move on and not to be afraid. I told her that God is there and God is just waiting for her to take action. I told her not to regret and decide  and focus on her dreams. Whatever it is that she wants to achieve she should focus and she should try to face reality because that’s life. Taking the first step is the best and be sure that it’s one step at a time.

I was surprised to learn that she was able to exmplore herself now and she’s just happy that she was able to go out of her shell. Now she’s inspired and more lively and more focus. I am praying she can make it.

On the other hand. I felt so sad about the victims of typhoon Ondoy in Manila. I am praying for the people there. May they be blessed with positive outlook in life, may they never lose hope and hopefully they will be able to surpass their trials and above all may they never ever forget that God is there. A trial where I’ve been before.

God Thank you for all of your showered blessings! Please help those people! I know You are just there.