What life is all about

What life is all about

I’m troubled…I can’t think straight. It feels like I’m so down, numb and vain.

I’m crying but it feels like I’m running out of tears. My heart is hurting and feeling every hard beat as if it is being tortured. I don’t know but I feel so empty.

I know I’m not perfect but it just hurts to know that I’m slowly going back to my traumas. Life seems to be so hard and hitting hard on me. No matter how I try to avoid it I can’t seem to cope.

Heart matters are very painful that it struck you deeply.

All I want is just peace and solitude. I am a contented person. I know God loves me but it seems that today I am surrounded with sorrow, pain and doubt.

Why people aren’t contented with what they have. Why can’t they live the day without thinking of the world and crazy things.

I hate myself today…I’m so lost but I know I can overcome this…