Hiyaaa!!! Before I reach my 10,000 days

Hiyaaa!!! Before I reach my 10,000 days

Hey guys! It’s been a looonggg time and loonngg journey! A lot of things happened and now I’m back to this writing world!

I’m excited for this new goal of mine! I just had my 9, 490th day on earth last June 12, 2011 and to this day I am already 9,509 days old and so far so good!

The thought of this “day” age counting just came into this curious and crazy mind of mine as I try to find meaning in my life. I am actually bored and I feel like I am not accomplishing much so to lighten up the day I need to create exciting way to alter the boredom and trigger my productive side.

As I was thinking I remembered why not count my age in days instead of years so I started clicking the start button in my PC and finding the calculator then computed my days. I simply multiplied my age to 365 days and added the additional days in my calendar to sum up the total age days I have here on earth! It is then that I found that I’ve been living for a thousand days! Then I feel awesome that I’d like to do something “crazy awesome” and new that would lighten up my life everyday before I reach my 10,000 days here on earth. I still have 491 days left before I’m 10,000 so starting today my accomplishment list needs to be awesome and at the same time exciting!

You guys try to count your “days age” you’ll feel awesome too, because a day in a life is the age that makes us what we are and where we are today!

I’ll be posting more later on what accomplishments I have done as i go forward to my 10,000 days! Enjoy guys!