Is Freddy Krueger Right around the corner?

Is Freddy Krueger Right around the corner?

Last night I had this super nightmare. I guess it’s a conflicting statement that when you remembered all the details in your dream you had a nice sleep. I didn’t have a nice wake-up actually. That was a nightmare.

So the dream was, I was in an Island with my husband and we were with friends and then suddenly a classmate texted me. She is asking me if she’s going to continue having her baby or not. Too bad that I don’t have load in my cellphone when I received her message and so I was not able to reply.

My husband and I continued chatting and strolling at the place where we’re at when suddenly I heard a baby crying. I was excited and overwhelmed to see the baby. And so I walk as fast as I could to reach the place and in a blink of an eye I was in this little hut near the seashore, I can see mothers lying on the floor and lots of babies too and then there was this old woman putting the mom’s to lay and pushing the baby out and then out of nowhere I heard a voice “Now it’s too late I’m going to have my baby aborted, because you didn’t respond to me!” I was astounded, that’s my classmate, and so I shouted at her “Nooo don’t just give the baby to me”, and then she disappeared.

Then I heard lots of babies crying. I went inside the hut and I saw that the old woman was an abortionist. And I thought for a second why? why now? what are they doing, the babies are alive why is this happening. Then the old woman shouted at me and said “Hey you come here, see those three babies” I looked at the floor and there lying 3 baby boys all crying and then the old woman continued “Look up above and she gestured with her hand, see the one on the right put him in the middle and have him exchange place with the other one. I was really sorry for the babies and so I took one baby and followed what the old woman said. Then while I was carrying the baby and was about to lay him down he turned into a demon and began eating my flesh and so I shouted as loud as I can and then the old woman came to my rescue and she has this liquid that she threw on the demon baby and it exploded.

After that I was crying when I saw another handsome and very cute baby smiling at me and he was gesturing like he wants me to take him and so I did, but then he also turned into a demon baby. And then I woke up.

It was such a nightmare.