Let me go

Let me go

When time comes I need to ask people to let me go. Why? Because they’ve been clinging to me for a very long time. My dreams are fading away. My life is fading faster than I expected.

All of the hard times, this is taking toll on me. I didn’t dream it this way. This is a nightmare. Please let me go.

Let me chase my dreams.

Self Pity

Self Pity

I feel really sorry for myself today.

I envision myself as a young lady, heads down and crying. In a world of nobody.

I feel pity how I trusted fate to bring me into this dungeon.

I know it’s my fault, I know I have a choice but I don’t know how to begin again.

I am starting to lose grip of every dreams that I have, I am starting to become so useless, vain and in pain.

This is hard hopefully I can get out of here.

What a pity.



Sometimes in life there comes a time when you realize you are starting to lose yourself. There are times you feel like there’s something wrong but then you are trapped and can’t move. You feel weak and undecided.

Your mind is empty, you can’t think clearly and you just feel sorry for yourself. You might even ask “How can I get out of this”.

It’s like a nightmare, you are surrounded by nobody but your confused persona. Nobody cares about how you feel, you wanted to be free but you are tied and the knot is so hard to reach.

There were moments when only you can save yourself. No one else is there, there’s no need to wait, nobody’s coming. It’s your own fight and struggle, yet you are so weak.

How could you ever surpass it, how?

Living in these moments where everything is floating and there’s no concrete answer to whether they may fall or just stay there.

Even if you shake yourself for so many times you can’t wake up. The nightmare keeps on coming back and there’s no cure or answers coming around.

It’s really hard and very suffocating but there’s nothing you can do. A little bit of  HOPE is your only chance.

You feel like exploding, you are trapped, imprisoned and useless.

Life is hard when you get lost.

Am I lost? Yes I guess so.