I’m finally home

I’m finally home

Contemplation I’ve done too much of it. To be free and be home is the most wonderful thing in life. That’s where I am right now. 

Way back then  my wisdom was rich, full of promises, colorful and never vain but then I got lost, trapped and then slowly it is fading away.

I don;t even know how to write anymore, how to express my feelings, how to feel things, how to see life, how to see the light in the dark. I was just in that empty space alone, troubled and confused. I am in the verge of having my emotional state extinct.

I could not understand and fathom why people are like that, they are shallow, dark, mean, heartless.

I know God still loves me for he’s given me a chance to wake up from the nightmare and free myself instead.

Nobody is of help but God sent me the light and helped me understand choices are always made, you never ran out of it.

So now I am happy, contented, relieved that at last I was able to go back home, literally in physical form, emotional state and above that spiritually there were lots of realizations.

Thank you God for all I know I can always lean on you.

It is crazy how we always neglect the power of choices, the power to be free, the power to be heard, to express, to tell things, to feel things. There are always options go out there and search for the answers by making choices.

Set your spirit free!