I will miss you forever Choco

I will miss you forever Choco


Today I am grieving, I could not understand why he needs to pass away too soon. I am not ready to accept yet that he is gone. He’s been with me and witnessed a lot of my life. My ups and downs, he’s been there to listen, to make me laugh. He taught me a lot of things in life. He always makes my day when I’m down.

Though he is stubborn at times but Choco is my super buddy. I could not imagine how and why is he gone. It hurts so much, how I’ve been thinking about him everyday. How I worry about how he’s doing. It hurts so much my he’s need to be so far away from me and be gone forever.

Choco please find Cloud and be with him, I know you two will be happy that you’ll finally see each other now.

I will miss you forever Choco, thank you so much for all of the unconditional love. For your companionship, for the happiness and good memories. It will last forever. I will miss you! Please don’t forget me.

I love you buddy!