Life constantly

Life constantly

Things in life are always uncertain like the changing time. You always have to be ready. Lately my life has been a little bit dramatic. A lot of things has been happening, some events that were lurking around suddenly came pooping out of nowhere.

I have always said that I am a very contented person. Always thankful of what I have and I just live life with what I have. But I also have worries.

Since life is never constant at all, challenges are always there. Just like in this photo I was sitting next to the cuddly thing looking happy and relieved but inside are the anxiousness, worries and pains. I’m like the teddy with stuffs inside. But I’m glad because without the stuffs I wouldn’t be formed like I am.

The stuffs inside may contain that of gladness for having lived and see the colors of the world, other stuffs may contain the blues of life where darkness may also be a part.

To me it’s just that we always need to remember how constant life is, how constantly it is evolving and making us grow.


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