What it feels to have a crush and be a fan! Kim Hyun Joong it is!

What it feels to have a crush and be a fan! Kim Hyun Joong it is!

So just recently because of the power er of the internet, youtube and search engine I’ve become a total fanatic and for the first time ever in my life I had a total crush on someone. Hahahaha it’s funny how you could feel so attached to the person without even knowing him in real life. 



I now know how it feels to have a crush like butterflies becomes flutterby in your stomach eh! And it’s weird how you daydream of meeting the person and being close to him or just becoming friends with him.

I’m not sure why in an instant I felt this kind of emotions towards this particular crush of mine which I know is very impossible to see or met or even talk to or chat or whatever connection it will be. So far away yet I felt like he’s so near or I’m just paranoid! Hahahaha crush really wow I can’t believe it makes someone crazy!

Well I know at some point why I had a crush on him, first and foremost I can sense that some of our characters doesn’t differ that much such as being not so caring, go with the flow persona but also tries our best when it comes to work and career matters. I guess I like him for that passive character because somehow I am like that also. Another thing is his being kind of in the middle of extroversion and introversion. I love that! Aside from the physical attraction of course. Physically I like how his face looks like but I don’t like the shape of his body, I’m not into bulging muscles and such so just the face is what I love. In his drama characters what I love the most is his being Baek Song Ju on Playful Kiss. I like how the character keeps on denying to himself that he loves the girl though it shows that much in his actions.

For the time being I’m not sure if when will this kind of feelings go away but somehow I’m happy to have experienced it in this super late age. Well at least we are of the same age bracket. But you know I don’t have plans of becoming a stalker kind of fan. I would just love and just seeing him in picture or watching his movies unless time allows or a twist of fate will let us meet in person then that will be a blessing.

Okay enough of it! Thanks Kim Hyun Joong you at least made me feel it is possible to have a crush and it’s an incredible feeling to be experienced!


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