28 Years of Independence!

28 Years of Independence!



Today I am celebrating my 28 years reign of independence into my world. Glenda’s world has been a mix of things, it’s been awesome, melancholic, stress full, overwhelming, eccentric and all that!

Why Indepence, it so happen and I am so lucky to be born on the date of the Philippine Independence. So in contrast to that I am very happy as an independent individual who is free to decide and explore the world. I thank God first and foremost because he gave me life in this world and in a free country where everyone is entitled of their own decisions.

While I am super busy at work this morning I can’t help but think about penning something in here today. I would not want this page empty as later I would like to bring back the memories and how I was thinking and have been doing today.

So since I am in Iloilo City I celebrated with my family here. We did dine out together and my husband and mom-in-law bought me gifts. I’m really happy not just because of the gifts they gave me but because of the love and care.

But to change topic I would like to write something today, it is in my mind the whole day and has been bugging me all the time.

Today I dedicate my birthday to all of the people who paved way why I was able to reach this 28 years of Independence.

First of all to my parents who are God’s instrument why I’m in this world. My dad even though he neglected us I’m still thankful to him. My mom my biggest idol in the world, the reason why I’m a strong woman that I am today is because of her, she is so strong yet so warm, so loving and so tender. She never gave up on raising us alone, I don’t know how she was able to do it but she’s the best woman I have ever known in my life, she is always there for us no matter what. Mom, I love you so much and I can never say how thankful I am for having you in my life.

My Aunt Gilda, grandma Teofila and Aunt Lorna  who taught me how to be a survivor and to be a fighter in a world where poor people needs to be strong and courageous and believe that they can achieve something by doing hard work and being patient. Granny, aunt you are the best for taking care of me during the times that mom is far away. I can never forget all of the things you taught me, indeed they made me become more understanding of the life that we have and we live. Aunt Josefina although you are not here anymore I will never forget how kind you are to me when you are still alive.

My cousins for always being there and being happy for me every time that I’m achieving something. Thank you guys! Of course how can I ever forget my brothers and my sister who inspired me to strive more and be strong.

Aside from family my 28 years of life will never be complete without the help of the people who even though are not related to me lent me their ears , hands and help so that I can surpass each of challenges.

Sir Aguilos, my Math teacher in elementary and his family, he is the reason why I was able to continue with my schooling, sir thank you so much for all of your kindness, for letting me become part of your canteen family, for paying for my school fees, thank you so much, that is why you are so blessed because you are always open to help people like me. I can never say how thankful I am when you and Ma’am Lim brought me to a specialist to have my frequent headaches checked. That’s very thoughtful of you too. Thank you also for encouraging me to become a much better child, because of your help I was able to graduate in elementary and as a salutatorian of our class. Without you I could never achieve them all. Also Sir Freddie Jocson our very supportive principal who also gave me words of wisdom back then, I know I am young but in my mind they all stayed and I was able to use them to fight and move on. To all of my teachers in Culasi elementary school, thank you! Among the memorable ones aside from the people I mentioned above were, Ma’am Boning, Ma’am Victoria my grade 5 adviser, Ma’am Losanta our English teacher, Sir Tablo our PE teacher, Ma’am Daisy Anisco our HE teacher who also helped me with my schooling, Ma’am Dumaguit not my teacher but she’s like a friend to me, Ma’am Mendoza who gave me the chance to work for a vacation job in her food business thanks Ma’am, Ma’am Chona our very energetic Science Teacher, Ma’am Arca.

So let’s go to my high school life, without these people I will never be able to finish my high school and graduate as salutatorian. First and most important of all is Ma’am Felicisima Anisco, our high school principal, who gave me the chance to become a working student. Because of her I learned to balance both my school and my work, she taught me a lot of things and is always nice and kind to me. Her support and trust inspired me to improve more and become more better with  my work and responsibilities, I learned how to water the plants, clean, paint, use the typewriter, pay bills, go to offices and face people, work with documents and all that. And because of my being a work student it paved way for me to learn how to use the computer which became a great instrument to my current job. Other teachers that became part of my life in high school were, Ma’am Beth dela Cruz, our very interesting history teacher, Sir Noel Batilaran, our very neat HE teacher, Ma’am Lucrecia dela Pena our super cool HE teacher who taught us a lot about cooking, Ma’am Luisa Lagana who is also like a best friend to me, Sir Nick Frio a very inspiring Science teacher, Sir Vinit Ferrer my 4th year adviser and very good PE teacher, Ma’am Suzzette Buenvenida a very good teacher, Ma’am Marivic our English teacher, Ma’am Helen Sario and Ma’am Capapas.

During my College years Ma’am Borbon is my best english teacher who helped me with my endeavors as well, Ma’am Glenn Stevenson, our very smart Dean of Student Affairs who is always willing to listen and help me. Sir Samson Begas who also helped me and all of my professors I thank them all. Sir Napoleon Albor a very supportive adviser and good friend as well.

I will also never forget Ma’am Ubugan, Sir Aries, Sir Bangcuyo of Capiz State University who accepted me to become part of the working student in their university though I was not able to stay that long.

Also Former Congressman Roging Dadivas for my scholarship and the people in his office!

As far as my career is concerned I would like to thank Sir Danny Sullivan, who paved way and allowed me to work for his software company even though I don’t have a degree. As a school drop-out applying for a job is a tricky thing but sir Danny never hesitated to accept me and gave me a job in his company. Indeed I was able to handle admin role in his good company. Thanks so much sir without you  I will never be able to prove that I can make it and I can become part of the working class.

Now I thank Mitch Mccoy my boss, friend and confidante of 7 years in my career. He is the best person I have ever known in my life, so good inside and out. Mitch is a blessing and a destiny, he is my ever favorite person. Though we were miles away from each other Mitch never fails to guide me and lend me his wisdom both in the real world and professional world. How about that as a boss! Really cool isn’t it?

My best friends also Kit and Glen who never ceased to believe that I can become a better person, thanks guys! Kit is like a brother to me already I trust him so much and he has such a good heart that no one could ever resist to befriending him.

And of course how can I ever forget my most loving and caring husband who in one way or another has always been there.

God thank you for all of these people and thank you so much for this 28 years of independence!