I’m hurt and really hurts

I’m hurt and really hurts

I’m not feeling good today, I am super hurt and my heart feels like dying.

I don’t understand why some people are like that, why do they always hurt me like this, they don’t even think of how would I feel in situtations, they always do this to me without realizing how painful it is.

Even though I’m passive but I have feelings too, I am sensitive I get hurt so easily, I am very weak. I always hide it becuase I want them to be happy but it’s just always like this.

I always have to cry, to feel pain.

Work is my only outlet because only in these people I can feel I am appreciated and cared for.

Sometimes I feel like I’m exploding and super lonely but I would always stay strong and tell myself I can do it. But lately things are not falling into place.

It might be my fault, my consequences but  I don’t expect it coming from someone I trust.

I feel so bad and sorry for myself. What a pity.

Ever since I’ young I always experience this, people would always hurt my feelings. I can’t understand what is missing in me or what I have done to them.

I really wanted to end this hurting.