Why am I seeing a doc? What about those hospital trips?

Why am I seeing a doc? What about those hospital trips?

So today, I would like to entertain you guys with my medical history and the reasons behind why I am landing at the hospital and what causes my trips to the doctor.

The Beat and a Big Heart


So this first story maybe interesting or not but if you guys feel butterflies in your stomach then good for you because for me I felt it inside my “heart”, yes as in the heart which is defined by wikipedia as “a hollow muscle that pumps blood throughout the blood vessels by repeated, rhythmic contractions”.

So I have this kind of what they call heart arrhythmia, which is irregular heartbeat. I’m a no doctor or hospital lover but my husband’s frequent trip to the doctor has made me a visitor as well. When he had his hypertension check-up he decided to have me checked as well and so the doctor thought it is kind of strange and funny because at first she didn’t believe me when I told her I have irregular heartbeat until she checked with her stethoscope and confirmed in an ECG as well. I also find it funny at first because every time that my heart would skip a beat or do this weird kind of beating, I felt like my heart is being tickled only  that it hurts when it does that then it will be followed by coughing because I am trying to breath or I say grasp some energy so it would beat normal again. It’s ticklish and painful at the same time.

I already have this weird heartbeat since elementary years and it would normally feel so bad when I’m stressed. Also one factor I am looking at is my size, I actually became fat. And the doctor confirmed I need to go on a diet because my heart is big and when my BMI is unbalanced it will be hard for it to pump. I agree with that and so she gave me a heart medicine called beta blocker, just to control the blood flow in the veins. I think I only took ten of it and then never took it again as I have already forgotten until we came back to her office after two years when she had to advise me to get a urine check-up. The doctor was shocked knowing that I’m not taking any medication because she said it needs to be controlled. On my side I am thinking it’s just fine coz I feel ok or maybe I am just used to having that kind of beat. So I was given this new medication again but I would always forget taking it before bedtime, maybe I am just stubborn or it’s just that I hate medicine.

Also I remembered last time she advised me to have a check-up every weekend and have an ECG test to determine what really causes the heart beat irregularity. It’s expensive so I didn’t came back. I am thinking I just need to eat right and exercise which I’m planning to do. So this is one of my trips to the doctor. I don’t mind having irregular heartbeat for as long as I know that my heart is big and is doing what needs to be done to humanity. Stubborn patient eh!

Love Bugs and Its Kisses

love bug

One evening inside our bedroom, Mom and I are talking while keeping things for our closet organized. The flood has just passed and so it’s cleaning time. I am in the bed leaning to a pillow while my mom folds the laundry when I felt something itchy on arms and so I reached for the itchy part and had to take away this kind of woody insect thing and throw it away. I though it was just some wood stick that got stuck into my skin. And so my mom and I continued to chat and organize the closet and laundry, I didn’t mind the itching, until we were about to go to sleep. We turned off the lights and started to get ready, I remembered I was already lying in bed and was able to take a 5 minutes nap when I felt something strange. The itching keeps on bugging me. It started with my palm, I remembered the itch level is crazy that I had to wake up and then I went to wash it with soap as I thought maybe I got something or held on something dirty while we were cleaning, but the itch keeps on growing and it won’t go away, then I started to scratch until it is my whole body, my ears felt so hot as well as my scalp, my eyes, and the itching doesn’t stop and it felt like it is inside the skin. I though that giving myself a bath would cure it. So I went and took a bath but even though my entire body felt hot I can feel really cold while the water is dripping on my skin, kind of weird so I hurried and finished it. Then I went to brush my teeth and I noticed that my gums are already bleeding. I thought maybe I had something in it but it’s really strange coz it continued to bleed. Then I went to see myself on the mirror I remembered looking at my eyes it was so red and the veins looked like it would pop-out. I had to wake my mom and tell her about the itching. So she woke up and checked me and that’s when she found the rashes all over my body. She applied baby powder to it but the itch and the super hot feeling inside my skin is there. So I told her we need to go to the hospital and so we did. During that time we were downstairs, my husband is upstairs with my mother in law because he just came out of the hospital for pneumonia. So we were never able to wake them up. It was already midnight and we don’t have a car. Good thing that when we were walking and on our way to the hospital a tricycle passed by us and gave us a ride.

Upon arriving the nurses checked my vital signs and good thing there was a doctor at the ER, he immediately asked the nurses to give me this injection (thing that I hate the most ggrrr) so this nurse who is I guess a student nurse hurriedly stabbed me with the injection, it was a stab! as I felt each and every inch of the needle going inside my skin like a slow motion. I was about to cry from pain but I felt funny. Then I gave my mother in law a call, when she answered the phone she was shocked to know I was in the hospital and so she had to wake my husband. My husband said he also was shocked and asked her mom who I was and why I was in the hospital. Really funny! But I remembered that while I was giving mom in law a call I began kind of shaking and convulsing and I also clearly remembered the doctor and nurses just staring at me, I could no longer concentrate talking over the phone but I am keeping myself calm but the body would voluntarily shake, it was so bad I can’t feel much of my jaw. And so while they were staring at me my mom shouted and said “hey what is happening to my daughter! why is she like that?” and that’s when they realize I needed to lie down on bed, so they asked me to lie on the ER bed. I find it funny though because I feel so strange being in this hospital just because I got bitten by a bug.

So the nurse asked me if I could breath well and I said yes and he told me to let him know if I can’t because they will give me oxygen. Inside my mind “This is a private hospital, oxygen is expensive, I wanted to go home, this is nothing. It’s just an insect bite.” And so I had to be brave, I can conquer it. Then suddenly I had this moment where I can’t actually breathe and felt like I was about to pass out, I covered my face with the blanket, then I remembered seeing white lights and then a recall of my happiest moment with my husband flashed back, I can feel some tears flowing on my cheek as I was trying to grasp a breath. Then I prayed to God and I remembered saying to him “Please God don’t let me die yet, If I am going to die today then just let me see my husband first”. And then I closed my eyes and I heard the hospital door opened and heard my husband’s voice. And then I tried to fight and compose myself and be calm. Then everything just seem going fine, I can suddenly breath well, I started to feel ok even though I’m still dizzy. But hearing my husband’s voice and thru my mom’s support I was able to fight back and be strong and I guess the injection took effect also.

It was a scary moment but a very memorable one as well. It made me realize how we should give love and love more the people around us while we were still alive. I also realized how lucky I am to have a very loving and caring husband and supportive moms my Mom and Mom in law. Indeed it was both a trial and a blessing as well and I thank God he gave me another chance that day.

So after that I did some researches and consulted another doctor or specialist with insect bites and that’s the moment we confirmed it was “Kissing Bug” isn’t it awesome. Love is awesome and not the bite.

Broken Glasses


My husband and I had a quite strange love story. I have mentioned it on my previous blog. On the day he is suppose to introduce me to his mom and niece we had this very interesting encounter with the girl he was on before me. And this incident is one of the reasons why I married him and why I can say I fought for it!

So I was 22 years old that time and my now husband is my office mate during that time. We became friends together with the two of our colleagues. I never had a boyfriend, nor interested to having one. I never knew and had no idea about courtship in real life aside from what I saw in the movies and read on books. Aside from that my main goal is work and my family.

My husband on the other hand is a tormented boyfriend. He was in a relationship with this girl for almost 8 years, they were staying in their house together as she was a helper of their family. He loves her but the relationship isn’t just working at all. That’s his story. And so he started to get interested on maybe my crazy and independent nature that he decided to court me. I didn’t know it as I thought it was just friendship. I never meant to take him away from that crazy girl, but he decided he wants me. And so this girl keeps on pestering me everyday at work and keeps on threatening me. She thought she can scare me when all I know is I am just a friend of his guy. So because of the pestering I got so irritated and I get easily excited when challenged. So I told myself  “Ah so this is what you want? You want me to steal your boyfriend, you thought I can and I am stealing him from you, ok then let it be.”

So that evening we were on our way to meet his mom and niece when the girl suddenly appeared and bashed me and she broke my glasses on my face. I didn’t really feel what happened as it happened really fast. I remembered us taking a jeep ride going back to the office then I reached for a handkerchief and wiped my face and that’s when I noticed I am bleeding. When we arrived at the office I went directly to the restroom and I remembered pulling a stuck glass just under my eyes,  then the bleeding continued. So my husband had to bring me to the hospital. It was funny because they kept on asking us what happened and we don’t want to tell them the real deal and so we decided to keep it  a secret and told them I got into an accident inside the house. And so breaking a glass on my face is not acceptable that’s why I have to marry my now husband to give her a lesson. So I won.

But because of this broken glasses a once broken heart is mend and I finally got my first boyfriend and husband. 🙂 Cool isn’t it. Just one cool doctor trip!

Food trip with Kitty


I have a big heart for all animals in the world. One of them are cats. But I never expected that Kitty cat will let me land in the hospital and took a total of 16 injections.

This is how it all happened. Here in the Philippines there are lots of stray cats anywhere and everywhere. We happened to have this stray cat visitors at home. They would often stay on our rooftop. One morning, I saw these cats and heard these cats meowing and I really feel sorry for them because they looked really hungry. So I took some foods from our lunch and without hesitation I climbed up on a water container and reached out to reach the flat surface of the roof where I can place the food. However while I was raising my hand the hungry cats started rushing to it and one of them bit my fingers. At first I didn’t feel anything until I saw a blood on my fingers, I went inside our bedroom and let the bleeding continue, I didn’t want to tell my husband because I know he will get angry so I told our house helper.

Then while I was lying in bed I felt dizzy and nauseous might be because of the blood and now the pain that’s starting to manifest on my fingers. And then I did some research about stray cat bites and that’s when I found out about rabies and it’s effects. So I have no choice and I told my husband about what happened. So we rushed to the hospital so I can get a vaccine. And so when I arrived there I was interviewed and asked if what happened. It was funny because I am the only case that was bitten by a cat, all patients there were bitten by dogs. And then when I started explaining why I was bitten they would suddenly laugh at me, because they thought that I mistreated a cat that’s why it bit me. Then there were 3 categories for rabies and I was diagnosed with category III.

So they advised to have this anti rabies injection one is called ERIG and another anti rabies immunization, then anti tetanus. So I was given ERIG which was injected using a really huge needle on both legs, I remembered feeling numb from my hips to my toes. Then the most painful is the anti tetanus injected at your back near the butt cheeks and the anti rabies for both arms. There were three sessions each session will be two anti rabies and one anti tetanus. One thing that’s very painful though is the skin test where they kind of inject the medicine directly to your skin and it’s super painful, I had to shout.

But after all I made it till the last injection and still i love animals and cats and this will never stop me from helping the poor animal.

So these are all for now. I’m sooo sleepy!