It’s getting harder and harder to breath

It’s getting harder and harder to breath

Why happiness is so hard to achieve these days, people are so cruel and narrow minded. It has always been this way. I feel like I’m living for nothing and no purpose.

I’ve been trying my best to find what life needs to be like when you are happy but it seems like the luck in finding the answers is getting thinner as time passes by.

People are really hard to understand, plans are not working well at all, relationships are getting tougher and tougher, I really miss my old simple life, when things are not this complicated, when material happiness is just secondary to love. When the world seems to mess up you can still try to look up into the sky and said I can do this!

Today I feel so down and weary for the burdens are becoming more heavier, All I just wanted is a normal life where you think about what your plans are for the future, you are looking up into something a goal that you know you may or may not reach but at least every day you wake up and say I will take the steps and achieve these things. I’m losing all of these things now, I’m a lonely pathetic person whose been in trouble and could not get out and escape.

I think it’s time to plan for a ¬†better escape, where I can be alone, think clearly and plan for a better future and not think about others’ shit. They have been shitting my life the whole time and I am becoming a monster as they continue to do so. I need to think and escape from this crazy nightmare that I’ve put myself into.

This is not who I am, this is not what I want and I definitely will do everything to not be enveloped by this darkness.