Welcome 2014! I want to explore more!

Welcome 2014! I want to explore more!

Hello world! So it’s another year a new one but I guess every milliseconds is a new one. As I type these words here I wanted to think of the wonders surrounding my being! Explore is the word i would like to instill in my mind this year!


2013 as far as I can recall had caused my weak side to succumb into loneliness, hide happiness into the bottom of a pit and ignore what my heart desires which is simply happiness. But of course I could not ignore the blessings of a wonderful career and people that have stayed with me and showered me with unexpected support and wonderful views and perspective of how to continue to strive and fight and move on.

Starting this year with a blast of wanting to know more the deeper meaning of oneself, the offerings that the world can offer to make me a more of it’s being co-existing with the others. There had been a lot of thoughts going on, rushing in and like a fire burning in my heart the desire to go out and show what my real desires are.

Without forgetting the Mighty Creator and Savior i will continue my journey towards life. It doesn’t matter what happens I will face all consequences of my actions and not be a prisoner of my own persona. I’ve been victimized by this for a really long time. I guess the secret lies within having to know what you wanted and just do it. Seize the day per se!

I can be happy and be what I want and go where I want. That’s a positive thought I wanted to instill from then on! Right! Who knows!

Love life, live and be awesome!!!!